New Card Game Uses Natural Social “Ranking,” Ends Phone Snubbing,
Creates Lasting Memories & Relationships


New York, NY, February 22, 2020 – People aren’t good at being together anymore, and when they are together, they’re more interested in being on their phones. It’s called “phubbing” or phone snubbing, and it has pervaded social culture. THE RANK GAME, a new all-together card game created to build relationships and combat phubbing, was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 48 hours and has sold into 35 U.S. states in just it’s first 65 days of being available at

THE RANK GAME is now launching distribution through retail partnerships today at Toy Fair NY, headquartered at Storyastic’s booth #6576 in Hall 1A. Toy Fair runs through Tuesday Feb. 25th at the Javits Center located at 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001.

Designed by “Disney couple” Dana and Chip Brown, a Walt Disney Imagineer and a Disney Studios Producer, and parents of three, THE RANK GAME is a simple and interactive way for any group to put their phones down and engage in meaningful interactions with people in person.

“The Rank Game started with me asking friends and family on long car trips to rank their favorite movies, musicians and sports teams, a behavior that is completely natural for all of us,” said Chip. “We put structure around it, created categories, play-tested it and the result is a game that takes little to no instruction and something everyone can enjoy together.” 

The design for THE RANK GAME comes from Dana Brown’s Imagineer experience, having spent countless hours creating intentional experiences that millions of people around the world have enjoyed. Concurrently, THE RANK GAME incorporates Dana’s personal belief that every moment in our lives can be filled with intentional experiences. 

“Most people assume that families spend their time at an amusement park on the rides, when in reality, it’s the moments in-between the rides that consumes all of their time, and it’s those moments that we can make more personal and meaningful,” added Dana. “The Rank Game’s simplicity, mobility and accessibility means that it can be a part of our daily lives as well as “game night,” by reclaiming our time back from technology. We can make our time more intentional.

Everyone from family to friends to strangers on the train can play THE RANK GAME. With 11 expansion packs featuring topics ranging from culture and sports to faith and ‘girl’s night,’ THE RANK GAME is sure to be a hit with everyone, anywhere, all the time.

The rules are easy, pick a card and start ranking. Whichever Guesser comes closest to the Ranker’s choices, wins! It couldn’t be simpler. This promotes fun competition, because players only win when they look at the topics from other peoples’ perspectives. This basic element defines the community-building power of THE RANK GAME. 

Bring THE RANK GAME to your next game night, party, retreat or pub crawl to start natural, light-hearted conversations and foster intentional, meaningful human connection. Learn more about your people and experience thousands of hours of fun with THE RANK GAME at 

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About Chip and Dana Brown
Dana was a Lead Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering for two entirely new-concept parks: TokyoDisneySeas/Mediterranean Harbor and Disney’s California Adventure Paradise Pier. This role included the responsibility of creating the interactive and magical experiences in-between the rides, in open spaces, restaurants and retail, where consumers spend most of their time. Chip has spent more than 25 years in the media and entertainment industry, including TV, film, internet, live theatre, radio, animation, music and publishing. He helped lead Disney’s Tony ® Award-winning The Lion King to become the largest financial opening in Broadway history.

About Storyastic
Storyastic cultivates meaningful human connection in the age of tech and screentime through the creation of fun, interactive experiences and tools simple enough for everyone to play. Founded by Dana Brown, former Lead Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering and Chip Brown, former producer at Walt Disney Studios and publisher for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Storyastic is an imaginative toy, game, and entertainment company whose debut product is THE RANK GAME.

CONTACT:   Chip Brown, (310) 497-7400,