Hot New Game’s Groundbreaking “Gamification of Conversation” 
Helps Families Build Relationships While Playing Together


Los Angeles, CA, July 3, 2020 – These days, families struggle more than ever with the constant allure of screen time. Tech beckons constantly, to both kids and adults. Even parents who want their families to tech less struggle to do so, even in their own adult lives. But now, parents have the perfect solution––it’s called THE RANK GAME. 

The National Parenting Product Awards today announced that THE RANK GAME by Storyastic has won a National Parenting Product Award for it’s groundbreaking gameplay that equips parents with “the gamification of conversation.” 

THE RANK GAME’s game mechanics are built upon humanity’s social and emotional intelligence, wrapped up in a simple construct that leverages our natural social ranking tendencies. In our everyday lives, we’re innundated with too much information, so we’re constantly ranking things in our subconsious. We’re also intentionally ranking things everyday, with social media’s trending topics and when we hit the ‘like’ buttons.  

The Rank Game’s rules are easy… just pick a card and start ranking. Whichever Guesser comes closest to the Ranker’s choices, wins! It couldn’t be simpler. This promotes fun competition, because players only win when they look at the topics from other peoples’ perspectives. This basic element defines the community-building power of THE RANK GAME. 

Designed by former Walt Disney Imagineer Dana Brown and her husband, former Disney Studios producer Chip Brown, with their three kids also pitching in on the game development, THE RANK GAME is a simple and interactive way for any group to put their phones down and engage in meaningful interactions with people in person. 

“We wanted to solve this screen time problem, but with a ‘carot’ instead of with a ‘stick’,” said game designer Chip Brown. “It doesn’t help to shame people about the allure of technology—even parents that want to get back to sharing dinner together and talking about your day need help figuring out how to stimulate conversation.” 

“We want to help families tech less and talk more,” added Dana. “We call The Rank Game an ‘all-together’ game because it brings people from all backgrounds together, but also because everyone plays the game all together at once. Nobody has to wait for someone else to take their turn, they play all together.” 

NAPPA is the exclusive product evaluator for magazines such as L.A. Parent, Family Times of NY, Chicago Parent, Colorado Parent, Washington Parent, Boston Parents, Charlotte Parent, Tulsa Kids, Baltimore Child, Memphis Parent, Augusta Family, and dozens more. NAPPA will promote THE RANK GAME in NAPPA Award’s Jingle Holiday Gift Guide, their Play Learn Connect newsletter, and via NAPPA’s social media accounts so parents across the country learn about this exceptional resource. 

THE RANK GAME is great for family game night, playing with friends and even as conversation starters during family dinner. With four separate game modes, it is guaranteed to prompt natural, light-hearted conversations and foster intentional, meaningful human connection. Learn more about your people and experience thousands of hours of fun with THE RANK GAME at

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About Chip and Dana Brown

Dana was a Lead Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering for two entirely new-concept parks: Disney’s California Adventure/Paradise Pier and TokyoDisneySeas/Mediterranean Harbor. This role included the responsibility of creating the interactive and magical experiences in-between the rides, in open spaces, restaurants and retail, where consumers spend most of their time. Chip has spent more than 25 years in the media and entertainment industry, including TV, film, internet, live theatre, radio, animation, music and publishing. He helped lead Disney’s Tony ® Award-winning The Lion King to become the largest financial opening in Broadway history.

About Storyastic

Storyastic cultivates meaningful human connection in the age of tech and screentime through the creation of fun, interactive experiences and tools simple enough for everyone to play. Founded by Dana Brown, former Lead Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering and Chip Brown, former producer at Walt Disney Studios and publisher for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Storyastic is an imaginative toy, game, and entertainment company whose debut product is THE RANK GAME, named Favorite Pick at Toy Fair NY, the largest toy and game convention in the Western Hemisphere. 

About National Parenting Product Awards
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