THE RANK GAME Print & Play Download Pack: Olympian Pack
THE RANK GAME Print & Play Download Pack: Olympian Pack
THE RANK GAME Print & Play Download Pack: Olympian Pack

THE RANK GAME Print & Play Download Pack: Olympian Pack

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Why merely watch Olympian sports on TV when you can play together in real life?

THE RANK GAME's Olympian Print & Play Pack empowers you and your family and friends to Talk More and Tech Less while enjoying the Olympian sports you love!

This is a downloadable "Print & Play" edition of THE RANK GAME, named as a "Favorite Pick" at Toy Fair New York, the largest toy and game convention in the Western Hemisphere. This new all-together card game is created to foster conversation while building relationships.

The Olympian Print & Play Pack is a set of 32 self-standing topic cards, 18 score cards, instructions and a gift envelope. It is an easy “Print & Play” format you print, cut and "assemble" at home, so it's essentially a game and a craft. 

Designed by “Disney couple” Dana and Chip Brown, a Walt Disney Imagineer and a Disney Studios Producer, and parents of three, THE RANK GAME Olympian Pack gives families and friends a simple and interactive way to engage in positive, fun conversation about the sports and pageantry of The Games.

The Rank Game is an ‘all-together’ game because it brings people from all backgrounds together, and also, everyone is playing the game all together at once, so nobody has to wait for someone else to take their turn. The rules are easy, pick a card and start ranking. Whichever Guesser comes closest to the Ranker’s choices, wins!

This promotes fun competition, because players only win when they look at the topics from other peoples’ perspectives. This basic element defines the community-building power of THE RANK GAME. 


  • 32 Self-Standing Topic Cards
  • 18 Score Cards
  • Instructions
  • Gift Envelope

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